Trend-Driven Innovation


I am very happy to announce my collaboration with TrendWatching. Their latest publication titled Trend-Driven Innovation is out! While it was a great opportunity for me to work on a project like this, it was a fun and challenging process!

After working with them previously on their 2015 Trend Report they asked me to join them for illustrating their book. As I said earlier, it was a fun project and a great learning-curve in all aspects.

TrendWatching is a renowned market, trend research firm based in London, with offices in New York, Sâo Paolo, Singapore and Lagos. They offer insights, analysis, trend bulletins, trend briefings and reports focusing on Europe, Africa, Asia, Central & South America.

The book itself consist of one page, full page spread and digest illustrations with annotated iconographs. It tells you how to anticipate what people (customers) want and look for next.  With their remarkable trend methodology one is able to get ahead of trends and eventually turn overwhelm into opportunity!

You can order it here.