As a Designer I am intrigued seeing logos when travelling. I always wonder what thought process was behind any final designs. During these lockdowns one of the ways we are keeping ourselves busy is by playing board games. This time I turned my attention to Scrabble’s latest rebrand and the redesign of the famous logo, more specifically to the visual/typographic issues to better understand it and to see whether would it look like better with minor refinements? In the same time, this is just a brief design study.

Packaging-wise the feel of the board game has changed entirely. Over the decades the brand colours went through some serious changes; starting from the original red-dark green to only red and now residing on the bluish-lime-green. It almost feels like a different brand.

The newly designed wordmark evolves around the 1940s Hasbro concept but in a more contrasting approach. Despite the choice of sans-serif, uppercase typeface, some of the letters are just not in sync with the rest of them, regardless of the swoosh element or the hint to the Greek alphabet which is aimed to revive the old notion of the original game ‘Lexiko’ that was created to create words.

Hoping not to sound foolish nor too subjective in my approach, I took the liberty to mock around with the letters and the brand colours to see if my thinking would stand a chance. Well, you tell me.