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I have recently published a personal design study concept focusing on one particular South African wine label. The idea to refresh a label was always in the back of my head. Besides, I am quite interested in brand design and analysis. Well, here I go. 

Re-designing Kumala’s current Pinotage Shiraz wine label into a concept study was a conscious decision. Taking the messages of my former unsuccessful interviews’ feedback into account (as my portfolio lacked commercial identity and branding projects), I decided to pursue this area and do personal studies. No, I don’t expect wonders from now on, being fully aware how competitive this industry is. Hopefully, I shall be able to make more, better studies in this year.

Birch (A previous design study)

As cited in the project previously, this study’s main focus was to afresh a Kumala wine label which reflects their characteristic in a minimalist, but elegant style. Replacing their famous amphibian logo with a typographic logomark was a personal intention. The wine itself is great.

Since publishing this label study, the project met a warm welcome from acquaintances, friends and former colleagues. I also took a bold move and wrote directly to Kumala itself, asking them to personally review my study. I don’t hope for anything. I am, however, quite interested in what they have to say about it.

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