Iceland – Part Two


Getting as far as possible from the unsuccesful series of job interviews, suffocating worry and the sickening bleakness seemed to be my most constructive decision over the past 24 months. While I stood outside Keflavik airport waiting for my bus, I pondered whether my journey will prove to be fruitful? Will the answers lie in Iceland, in such an unlikely location? In spite of knowing this is uncharted territory for me after all, I didn’t want doubt to ruin my northernmost adventure! Oh boy, I felt nervous as duck.

Iceland always maintained a strong grip on my imagination, but I neved expected myself to visit this country because of work. Not for the first time. My excitement grew as I was settling down in my hotel room for the next 14 days. Faced with this mind-boggling opportunity, I chose to enjoy myself no matter what. Sensing the change of wind in the Icelandic air, I decided to make all my efforts count.

I turned up a Monday morning at Iceland’s longest serving advertising agency and behold, I was spellbound. As the days went by my lingering hesitation slowly began to evaporate. Even though being familiar with the ambience of design startups, studios, agencies, corporate firms etc, I was astounded by these guys at Hvíta Húsið. They are just phenomenal! I’ve been profoundly influenced by their innovative and candid way of thinking!


While I worked on live projects with an inspiring mentor and talented colleague, I also studied how the agency worked to briefs. Exceeding my goals, I realised that we both (them & I) became motivated by one another. Having a fresh pair of eyes helped me a lot not only to widen my former knowledge regarding Iceland’s history, culture and language but also to see design and branding from an unusual, yet playful angle. I kid you not, my only two-week work experience in Reykjavík made me look at life and my profession in a different light that I wish I knew before.

Not at all expecting solutions so instantaneously, I did come across simple answers to major problems that held me back from succeeding both on a personal and professional level. I wonder whether it was done by the birch-scented air that made my mind manoeuvre in an unconventional way or it was the scenic landscape that took my breath away – or perhaps both?


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Midnight sun
Hallgrímur’s kirk
Harpa from below (Reykjavík’s Opera House)
Island of Viðey (seen from Skarfabakki pier with the backdrop of Mountain Esja)



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  • Congrats Dani! I wish you to stay in this positive state of mind in your work and private life. And if you come to Amsterdam, it would be great to meet.

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