Iceland – Part Four


If you asked me two months ago what plans do I have laid out, I wouldn’t been able to answer you with anything reassuring. Fortune wasn’t on my side, until Wanderbrief picked me up. I was given the opportunity to re-discover myself individually and career-wise after a long time of being lost. Having experienced this relatively brief but rewarding journey, I returned back somewhat changed. During the course of my fortnight adventure I felt different already while I kept asking myself whether was that it or perhaps is there something more to my perception? Well, I hoped for the better.

Knowing how unpredictable life is, I clung on to every precious moment I spent in Iceland. Yet one evening whilst sitting on the rocks enjoying the company of the calm sea, I suddenly felt rather provoked by a train of thought. It really got me thinking about my life, my assumptions and mistakes. It struck me that it’s solely up to me what choice do I make to lead a possibly better life.

As I mentioned before in the first part of my blog series, I sent out job applications overseas to which I was very eager to get responses. By the end of my second week I received a few courteous refusals, but there was an interesting one, however, from Britain. It was for an artworker internship at a renowned luxury manufacturer in London. After successfully completing the first round that consisted of a number of tasks, I was eventually invited for an interview. Following my return to England I turned up in London and nailed the interview. Despite the sudden accomplishment I was told that my portfolio portrayed a much stronger and more experienced skill set then what the internship would demand, therefore I was kindly recommended to another design estabishment outside the capital. I really wondered how would that play out… Shortly afterwards I was called in for a chat and days later to my biggest surprise I was offered a job! Oh boy… I cannot tell you how happy I am. I’ll be soon starting my new job as junior graphic designer at an award-winning branding agency.

I’d like to think that being in Iceland for two weeks has actually opened my eyes to certain things I couldn’t see before and also probably played a crucial part in the outcome of my determination. Having now been acknowledged as a skilled designer, I’ll make sure to wrestle all the forecoming obstacles as creatively and humanly as possible. Although I am very aware that I have a lot to learn, I am ready to begin with my life’s new chapter… or perhaps I should call it my tabula rasa.



At the top of Öskjuhlið where Perlan stands, a landmark building set on top of six water tanks. For me it symbolizes my journey to succession, as the path up here leads from a dense, but nice forest to a venue of claritiy and vision.