Iceland – Part Three


You might think, two weeks in Iceland is enough to explore all the must see things. Well, it’s not that simple when you are working office hours. Fortunately, I had a bike throughout my stay, allowing me to travel long distances comfortably and discover Reykjavík as much as possible. But just when I was considering to book a bus tour to the south, I was suddenly asked if I wanted to join a road trip organised by a colleague! How coincidentally extraordinary is that! Next thing I know is I am sitting in the car headed to the south coast!

Already one week in and I was smiling from ear to ear every morning while I rode my bike to work and back. It felt as if I was living the Nordic dream. In spite of my disrupted biological clock by the 24/7 daylight, experiencing the summer solstice on the shores of Seltjarnarnes was one of the most exciting moment in my life. Always seeking the possibility to spectate this seasonal extremety, now that it formed my everyday life, I found it challenging and most intriguingly stimulating to embrace it. I noticed how  the continuous presence of light subconsciously altered my perceptions and behavioural patterns. I guess, it’s time for me now to witness the winter solstice.

Although I was born a Hungarian, I developed a strong interest in the Scandinavian cultural identity from a very early age. Being a self-taught in the written and oral form of Norwegian, I hoped to be able to comprehend Icelandic without any trouble. Surprisingly it turned out be better then expected; having not only stunned myself but those who were around me! – I always knew that ég er þokkalegur 😉

Iceland has one of the most diverse and unique landscapes I have ever seen. She is an ever-changing gem. In a short period of time she transforms from lush fields to volcanic formations, from rugged coastline to breathtaking black sand beaches. Besides exploring the giant waterfalls of Seljaland, Gljúfrabúi and Skógar, I also noticed mountains enormous lying in the mythical hinterland that resembled vicious trolls now guarded by the mighty sun. After being flabbergusted by the falls, I walked the coastlines of Kirkjufjara and Reynisfjara while witnessing the seemingly barren landscape dressing swiftly from soft greyish-brown to a sea of lavish lilacy-green and then back to a pastel horizon. Lastly to crown this eventful excursion I dipped myself in Seljavallalug surrounded by the scenic valley of Raufarfell. It was a journey full of visual sensation which I shall never forget!


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Vík’s kirk






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  • These photos truely are stunning! Just those in themselves are worth a gallery project centered around this ‘Unexpected Journey’ 😉 Finding myself in a similar position as you before you got this amazing opportunity, the whole content of this journey hits right in the feels! Glad you’re finding your feet Dan. Hope you continue to enjoy the adventure!

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