Iceland – Part One

Since my graduation in 2014 I mainly worked as a freelance illustrator and did some brief internships at various places. Wanting to put my feet down I spent the last two years looking for permanent positions with no luck at all. Freelancing is no joy, unemployment is no better either. We all know why. My self-esteem was hurt badly, the only thing that kept me going forward was the thought I am not alone in this mess.

Seemingly positive job interviews were eventually resulted in rejections or excuses, based on the biased professional assumption of my lack of commercial experience. Really? – I questioned myself. Then I realised something is not quite right with the situation I am in. I stopped for a moment to think. Something had to be done.

I re-evaluated everything around me. Determined to succeed, I began to employ new methods. I made a bolder CV and completely re-conceptualized my portfolio. Then I emailed agencies outside the UK in Germany, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland… I soon found out, the Dutch Wanderbrief is looking for a designer to work for two weeks at an Icelandic advertising agency in Reykjavík. Knowing I had nothing to lose, I applied. In a very short period of time my intensive work suddenly bore its fruit! Wanderbrief selected me to travel and work in Iceland. Now it was time for me to make a decision in a split second. I bet you know now what happened 🙂 

Although I wanted things to change in my life for good, I never thought that I will ever end up working in Iceland.  I didn’t quite comprehend the reality of this unexpected journey until I found myself sitting on the plane to Reykjavík… It felt as if I had become alive again after a long time.

Mountain Esja
Fishing Hut in Seltjarnarnes
Seltjarnarnes Peninsula
Grótta Island
Grótta Island


  • Csodálatos képek, érzékenyek, finomak, tiszták, egyből odautazni-vágyásra ösztönöznek. Szívből gratulálok!

  • Some people had luck on there side and some just struggled and one day with all that passion and energy surfaces and its changes. I wish you well in your travel and your life in Iceland. Sounds like a fun journey. Take care Daniel

    Nin ( old bucks uni friend)

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