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December 31, 2018

The WAYFARER’S JOURNAL Zebegény – Back in September I went on a journey with my father. My aim was to further explore north of Budapest, mainly the picturesque historical town of Zebegény, located on the east bank of the river Danube and visiting the newly built lookout tower on the hilltop overlooking the breathtaking view…

Discovering Gregersen

January 2, 2018

Details of the Lónyay street Some of you already know that I have developed a genuine interest for Norway from the first time I witnessed her monumental elegance at a very early age. I have since been exploring different ways to broaden my knowledge on everything Norway-related. Last november I was fortunate enough to take…


June 30, 2017

BUDAPEST Where History Dances with Architecture – There is always something extraordinary in visiting the capital of my motherland, Budapest. You can feel this sensational vibration in the air when strolling around in the Castle District or just merely sitting by the bustling Kossuth Square and admiring the momentous structure of Parliament from afar with the beautiful view to…

Hackathon 2017

June 22, 2017

If you told me a month ago that I will be spending 2 days in The Hague, let alone 4 days in The Netherlands I wouldn’t have believed you, instead I would have laughed at that statement. Well, I have just returned from The Netherland via Wanderbrief. Yes, the same startup that got me to…

Amidst the Fells and Dales

April 23, 2017

Once you wander amidst the fells and dales you realise soon enough that you are in a completely different world. The climate here oceanic thus it is unpredictable; in minutes it changes from a gently shining sun to rainy spells accompanied by strong gusts. The mist follows your hike on the rocky fell side through creeks and swampy marshland. This land recharges…

Iceland – Part Five

August 5, 2016

Before returning to the British Isles I wanted to visit the Árbær Open-Air Museum, climb Mt. Esjan, find out about Lúpina and eventually get my hands on a lopapeysa. In the final part of A Fortnight Adventure I’ll tell you about my excursion to downton Reykjavík, Árbæjersafn, my expedition to the pinnacle of Þverfellshorn which also coinsided with a free GusGus gig….

Iceland – Part Four

July 29, 2016

If you asked me two months ago what plans do I have laid out, I wouldn’t been able to answer you with anything reassuring. Fortune wasn’t on my side, until Wanderbrief picked me up. I was given the opportunity to re-discover myself individually and career-wise after a long time of being lost. Having experienced this relatively brief but rewarding journey, I returned back…

Iceland – Part Three

July 27, 2016

You might think, two weeks in Iceland is enough to explore all the must see things. Well, it’s not that simple when you are working office hours. Fortunately, I had a bike throughout my stay, allowing me to travel long distances comfortably and discover Reykjavík as much as possible. But just when I was considering to book a…

Iceland – Part Two

July 25, 2016

Getting as far as possible from the unsuccesful series of job interviews, suffocating worry and the sickening bleakness seemed to be my most constructive decision over the past 24 months. While I stood outside Keflavik airport waiting for my bus, I pondered whether my journey will prove to be fruitful? Will the answers lie in Iceland, in such an unlikely…

Iceland – Part One

July 22, 2016

Since my graduation in 2014 I mainly worked as a freelance illustrator and did some brief internships at various places. Wanting to put my feet down I spent the last two years looking for permanent positions with no luck at all. Freelancing is no joy, unemployment is no better either. We all know why. My self-esteem was hurt…

Iceland – A Fortnight Adventure

July 15, 2016

As I promised earlier, I’ll share my thoughts on my latest journey to Iceland in a 5-part blog series. I spent 14 days in Reykjavík where I worked at an advertising agency while discovering as much of this beautiful land as possible! Oh, it was an extraordinary adventure! Let me share with you how it came about!  Iceland is a land like no…