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Interview #02 – Mikko Hannula

June 17, 2016

Design in Finland played a key part of the country’s rebuilding effort as well as a sense of identity in the post-war period. It forms part of the Nordic Design tradition which is characterised by the persistent aesthetics, peaceful functionality, devoted craftsmanship and forthright articulation. In Finnish it could be summed up in one expression…

Interview #01 – Daniel Højlund

April 5, 2016

Being always intrigued by high-end visual effects, I see a growing demand for on-screen and user-interface graphics that play an inevitable role in major blockbuster sci-fi films, such as The Guardians of Galaxy, Avengers: The Age of Ultron, Fast & Furious VI and Ex_Machina amongst many. Being the first piece of The Interview Series, in…