Where History Dances with Architecture

There is always something extraordinary in visiting the capital of my motherland, Budapest. You can feel this sensational vibration in the air when strolling around in the Castle District or just merely sitting by the bustling Kossuth Square and admiring the momentous structure of Parliament from afar with the beautiful view to the river Danube. By looking to either direction quiet but ancient history is what salutes you; to your left lies the leafy Margaret Island while to your right the overarching and notable Széchenyi Chain Bridge. The vivid and historic architecture follows your step whether you are at the Buda or Pest side.

I had the utmost pleasure in spending eight days in sunny Budapest in early June with S. Despite the extensive heatwave we really enjoyed ourselves. The first part of our trip consisted of spending time with family and enjoying our much needed time-off in Pest. Nevertheless the consistent high temperatures of +30˚C we visited the Kispest market (District XIX) where we tasted the appetising local produce, among them were lángos1 and savanyú káposzta2. Following our replenishment we later explored the St Stephen Basilica which we decided to crown with a cold drink in the Japanese-run teahouse and tea shop Marumoto.

1lángos has a very similar taste to the Yorkshire pudding. It’s a savoury, deep fried flatbread which comes with various toppings.

2savanyú káposzta is basically sauerkraut.

The last part of our trip was mainly spent in our lovely airbnb flat in Buda. Amongst our frequent visits to the Kossuth Square and its nearby amenities,  we enjoyed taking short walks along the promenade while our appreciation for the city grew silently. Having had our breakfast and lunch in the shade of our balcony was a rather soothing experience, not to mention the beautiful view to the capital that welcomed us every time.

On our last day we briefly ventured into Castle Hill, the historic quarter of Buda. Our discovery began by taking the elevator to the spacious and grand courtyard of the National Széchenyi Library. Walking along the cobbled lanes we ended our stroll at the Holy Trinity Square where we admired both the highly-detailed Matthias Church with its multicoloured tiled roof and the astonishing but rather popular Fisherman’s Bastion. Our splendid wandering ended by leaving under the Vienna Gate to the hustle of the inner city.

Although it was a short trip to Budapest, I realised how much I actually miss my motherland including the capital. I was glad to have S. with me, she made our adventure a worthwhile and fun experience. Oh, it was good to be back home.