A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked a favour of me. He asked me if I would design a logo that represents his team at his workplace. He works at Booking.com’s Berlin office. His department is split into various teams which all have their own banners. His team’s chosen name is Berlin Royals. What a fine favour, isn’t it? 

Having been to Berlin before many years ago I quickly refreshed my knowledge about the city. Berlin is a huge place with an extensive history and background. So my visual research began.

I decided to pick five elements which would confidently constitute to the symbolic meaning of the graphics. The main motif actually lies in the city’s name. My intention was to imply the beast figure as the invisible protector of the indigenous folk and all later generations, while still honouring the original double meaning of the name; ‘Fort at the Marshes’ and/or ‘City of the Bear’.

The bear shape is made up by the strokes with gradient applied to them which represent the two rivers – Spree and Havel – that flow through and around Berlin. The architectural landmarks I picked are the three popular ones; the Television Tower, the Cathedral and the Brandenburg Gate.

The glowing effect around the tower is a reference to Booking.com; after all it’s an online travel agency. Finally, on top of the crest sits the royal crown as it says in the team’s name.